Wooden structures – our offer includes all types of engineering constructions, such as bridges, footbridges, towers, gates, shuttering, on the basis of our own designs or ordered by the customer. We manufacture complete objects of so called “small architecture”: open or partially enclosed car ports, trapper lodges, gazebos, places of recreation and rest. We also fulfill the investors’ dreams according to their own designs.



Roof framing - we offer traditional carpentry made on the most modern numerical control machines. The assembly by the contractor of the components delivered to site, on a standard building, takes up to 2 days.


Roof coverings we cooperate with the best manufacturers of roof coverings in Europe. Our offer includes: ceramic and concrete roof tiles, natural and artificial slates, small format sheet metal roofing (roof scales “caro”, segment sheet metal) and large format (steel sheet tile), flat sheet roof coverings (copper, titanium zinc, aluminium), bituminous covering and wooden shingles. The cooperation allows for adapting the designed roof framing to a covering module, optimization of costs of material and labour.


Gutter systems - we are a manufacturer of metal gutter systems (copper, titanium zinc, zinc coated sheet, stainless steel). We manufacture gutters of any cross-sectional shape (semicircular, square, cornice gutters), hanging and lying, of lengths up to 6 running meters, and in accordance with the requirements of the investor. This way we can optimize the number of connections, expansion joints, discharges and obtain a waste-free drainage system, short performance time and high quality of esthetic connections.


Flashings - we make any roof flashings (valley, chimney, eaves, roof ridge flashings, wind braces) and façade flashings, window sills, start sheets for thermal upgrading. Available lengths up to 6.2 meters and on request. We are an originator and manufacturer of hook-free gutters, used with balconies, terraces, wide cornices.


Roofing accessories - we manufacture tile clips, ridge clips, snow stops, snow guards, elements of roof walk, ridge beam brackets, elements of roof ventilation.



Construction chemicals - our offer includes adhesive sealants, roof sealants, Enkolit, primers, liquid roof foils.


Ornaments - we manufacture elegant roof ornaments made of copper, titanium zinc, white brass: wind roses, mascarons, spires, bicornes. We execute reconstructions according to the historic preservation officer’s recommendations: dormers, covering elements, elements from the period. For those who are fond of copper and other metals in their garden and house we can offer the products on request (e.g. pots, frames) and cooperation with a designer.


Tools - we offer professional tools and power tools used in carpentry, roof work and metal work. We enable those interested to try out the tools’ capabilities and to evaluate them before the purchase at the Academy of Roofing Art. Come for a roofer’s “test drive”.





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